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Black Decker Rice Cooker Review

black decker rice cookerblack decker rice cooker RC506

Considering the Fact that we live in a time where people don’t hesitate paying more than five hundred bucks for a smartphone (and criticize it), paying twenty bucks for a rice cooker and worrying about it seems no big deal.

The Black Decker Rice Cooker has one of the cheapest price tags we have reviewed; it merely costs you thirty bucks. Most people considered this product a joke based on its price. The surprise was it proved everyone wrong. The product made itself clear that it’s here to stay, and by far has proved itself every time.

Most people bought it under the expression it won’t last 6 months, even a replacement as they took its 2-year warranty their security. To their dismay, they never had a chance to complain about it. Black Decker sure kept everything simple, and they designed this cooker to make a lasting expression which it did. But how, let us find out!

RC506 Is Built to Last

If you exclude the price from first look, BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer seems like a product built to last. The entry level cooker allows you to cook a lot more than rice. It lets you cook different veggies and even steams chicken. This shows that besides impressively affordable, the device is made for heavy use. It comes with 2 different heat settings, these are Cook and Keep Warm.

No magic science here, Cook refers to a higher temperature that will cook soft and perfect rice without turning them brown. After the rice have been perfectly cooked, the keep warm option makes sure they are kept fresh and warm before you serve them.

It merely takes 20-30 minutes to cook six cups of rice. If you are looking for an easy way to cook fully and soft rice, then this is your best bet.

  • Automatic Keep Warm
  • Food Steaming Basket
  • Nonstick Rice Pot
  • 6-Cup (Cooked) & 3 (Cup uncooked)
  • Come with useful accessories

Best Entry Level Rice Cooker

Whatever you can say about this rice cooker, how nice it looks or how tough it is built. You just can’t skip the fact that it priced so affordable. This should add to its benefit, not misery. The product is sure an entry level, and this makes it even more impressive. It packs a lot of heat considering what you pay. No doubt it will see you through years to come.

The price doesn’t make Black Decker skip important accessories and features. Yes, you still get a dishwasher safe product which can be easily dissembled.  It comes with basic two settings of cook and keep warm. All of it which adds to your convenience! The styling is not bad; you are not getting a clumsy looking product. All of this just suggests one thing, even for this price tag, RC506 is no joke.

Black Decker Rice Cooker RC506 Specs

  • 6 Rice Cup Capacity, ideal for leftovers or small meals
  • Automatic Keep Warm Feature, this makes sure the rice are ready to serve after they have been cooked
  • Nonstick Rice Pot makes sure nothing gets stuck. Every removes with easy
  • The Black Decker Rice Cooker is easy to clean and dishwasher ready
  • Comes with a food steaming basket that allows you to make healthy meals
  • Comes with accessories including measuring cup and spoon
  • Removable bowl, steamer, Glass Lid and heating plate
  • Indicator Lights and Tempered Glass
  • 300 Watts
  • Steam Vents and Built-in Holder
  • Stainless Steel and Plastic Built

Black & Decker Reviews and Scores

Honestly, this is not bad for a product at its price range. The product has been listed as best sellers on the site and has numerous reviews from users praising it exceeded their expectations considering what they paid for it.

I paid for it because I wanted a rice cooker in my kitchen, I never planned to use it much because I realized an entry level wouldn’t last under heavy use. To my surprise, I found that while the Blacker Decker lacked advanced features, it supported a sturdy built for the price which can last under heavy use. A great buy I will say.

  • Martha Clint

Bought it the third time, every time it exceeded my expectations considering I live on rice. It’s a perfect product for someone that just wants some extra help to cook rice, and is not interested in investing all the tech stuff. It’s very basic but is powerful enough to last a bit.

  • Anna Johns

I won’t be wrong to say that the Black Decker at this price is no cheap Joke. It has all the built of a premium product but considering the budget; it holds fairly. It is not a technology marvel, but tough enough to survive heavy use. Will recommend this!

  • Sarah Mansell

There is some criticism about this product surrounding its lack of technological features that are seen on mid-range products. While the claim holds some value, let’s not oversee the fact that the RC506 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer comes with a tough built and reliable to last a few years, all considering the price you are paying.


It won’t be wrong to say that the RC506 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer isn’t the heaviest contender out there. But, it sure packs pretty much heat for its price tag. Firstly, Black Decker is a name of the trust, Second it’s an entry level rice cooker (so you can’t expect something else than heating). Moving on from the price, it offers great value considering it has the looks and basics that you will find in a mid-range rice cooker.

It’s not for someone who likes to eat rice on a daily routine. Instead, it’s a must for people who doesn’t want to make a mess when cooking rice. This is a convenient getaway as compared to making them the traditional way. So if you are hesitant about spending money on a rice cooker, this is the cheapest model you can find that 1000’s of people have bought and you can trust it will work. Now if you really want something with more options then you should look at the top of the line Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH or read more of our digital rice cooker reviews here.

Black Decker Rice Cooker Review

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