Panasonic SR-ZG105

If you haven’t laid your hands on a fuzzy logic rice warmer, it’s high time that you do so! See the Panasonic SR-ZG105. It’s one of the highest rated rice cookers available in the market. It delights you with perfectly cooked rice and its ease of use.


  • Black pan with white anodizing
  • 5 Cup Capacity (dry rice)
  • Precise cooking and consistent results
  • Advanced Cooking Menu Options
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • Come with Useful Accessories

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The manageable rice cooker from Panasonic lets you cooked 10 cups of rice in a single batch. It features a push key regulator which promises foolproof cooking considering the continuous power flow controlled by Advanced Fuzzy Technology. Now, you can select from 4 different menu options choosing from steam, cake, slow-cook and even porridge. This helps for a better texture.

Make 10 cups of rice with excellent choices. Thanks to all of its innovative features, it’s one of the best rice cookers on the market. But is it worth your money? Let’s find out!

Small Size but Impressive Power

5 cups of dry rice capacity is good for domestic use. It shows that it’s a small and compact device, so you can’t expect much from it. This is where the Panasonic proves everyone wrong. Despite being 5 cup capacity, it boasts every feature you can expect from a high end 10 cup rice cooking monster.

The Panasonic rice cooker comes with Fuzzy Logic Heating with Micro Computer Chip. This makes the $150 price tag worth your money. This rice cooker is made with one of the most advanced technologies in cookware. This appliance can easily cook the rice and automatically adjust the temperature to keep them warm until you want to serve them.

The advanced heating technology gives you a lot more finesse than you ask for.  If you do it right, you can bake a proper cake with the Panasonic beauty. Considering that, it won’t be wrong to say that this is the best rice cooker you can find for an affordable price.

Ideal for Small to Mid-Sized Families

Time to get real here, 5 cup is the most sought after size in rice cookers. It easily serves a median family size. The capacity is measured with uncooked rice as you will get twice as much after it’s cooked properly. One thing you should know that The Japanese Rice cup is smaller than what you are used to. So don’t forget it when you plan your meal.

Before you do anything else, make sure you use the right cup to measure the rice and water line in the inner pot. It will help you enjoy perfectly cooked rice with great texture.

Panasonic SR-ZG105 Specifications

  • Fuzzy Logic Technology: The Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology regulates power along with cooking time for the better end product.
  • Pre-Program Control Panel with Different Settings: The Eight Pre-Program Control Panel lets you choose from a wide array of pre-programmed cooking preferences.
  • Present Timer: This lets you set the cooking start time to make sure you get freshly cooked rice whenever you want.
  • Keep Warm: Once the rice is perfectly cooked, adjusts to maintain its warmth and keeps the rice fresh until you want them served.
  • Lid Release: Now you don’t have to lift the lid yourself, just press a button and it will pop open itself.
  • Smaller Size: Strong built and great looks. This makes sure it dwells in your kitchen environment.
  • Easy to Manage: This rice cooker comes with a detachable power cord. Detach it when the warmer is not in use. This makes the appliance easy to store and manage.

Panasonic SR-ZG105 Customer Reviews and Scores

It’s common knowledge that it’s among the most trusted rice cooker models.  It’s priced perfect and is not one of the highest selling rice cookers on the website.  It has all the makes of a great product including small size, great features, and affordable price. Let’s hear it from some of the people who bought it.

A Great product considering built and everything. Looked promising and by god it is. All the latest features at such an affordable price. The Panasonic is hard to miss if you eat rice regularly.

  • Hailey Banner

I am quite surprised that being less than a hundred and fifty dollars, this rice cooker has so much to offer. It cooks all types of rice you can know about plus a proper cake. Impressed that it helps me to save on electricity as well!

  • Maggie Dunham

I am quite satisfied with the purchase considering it’s a mid-range rice cooker. The Panasonic features every element of a high-end cooker with built and quality. So, I will recommend this product.

  • Alicia Peck

While there was nothing to complain about the Panasonic, thanks to its premium built and great features. There were a few people who are less than satisfied with their purchase. The main problem they found about the product was that its manual and the rice recipe booklet was not easy to understand. Another problem was that most recipes featured in the booklet were foreign to them. To be honest, this is nothing to create a buzz about and it doesn’t challenge the performance of this product a bit. So don’t hesitate to buy it.


No doubt that rice cookers with Fuzzy Technology prove to be the best.  These rice warmers have a technological advantage over others. The Panasonic SR-ZG105 sure stands out. It comes with a wide array of impressive features including easy user interface, timer option and keeps warm technology. It also features the highly demanded one push lid release.

This paired with different pre-programed options makes the Panasonic Rice warmer a great choice.  It comes with a generously big rice scoop, its very own steam basket and a measuring cup. All of this adds to the great value of this reliable product. Did we forget to mention it can also bake a cake? Not only a rice cake but the real one! What more can you ask from a rice cooker? In short, this has all the elements of a great buy, and you won’t regret paying for it.

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